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COVID Safety Measures


Our COVID Safety Measures

We’ve worked hard to put all the necessary safety measures in place to keep you, and us, as safe as possible in this post-COVID world. We hope that these mean you will dine with us feeling comfortable and looked after. You can view them here. Please do get in contact if you have any further questions.

Wellness Checks

Wellness checks are completed daily for all staff members arriving at work and anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from the workplace.

Enhanced Hand Washing

All employees have been trained in an enhanced hand-washing approach and method for effective handwashing. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the restaurant accessible to both staff and guests.

Layout Adjustment

Where possible, we have adjusted our layouts to allow for physical distancing between guests in accordance with government guidelines.

Guest To Sanitize Hands

On arrival, guests are asked to sanitize their hands before being seated.

Food and Drink Menus

Food and drink menus are for single use, and are also available to view digitally.

PPE Safety

Our staff will be adhering to government guidelines on the necessary levels of PPE Safety, including the use of face coverings while at work.

Face Masks & Coverings Required

Guests are asked to wear face masks & coverings while entering, leaving and moving around the restaurant. Please inform the host on arrival if you are hard of hearing or need any special requests.

Enhanced Cleaning Regimes

Enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, particularly for hand-contact surfaces using chemicals which are highly effective against viruses. Guest bathrooms are sanitized routinely, and hand sanitizers are available for all our guests upon entry of bathrooms.


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